About Jeff

+ Founder, AssetSmith, LLC
+ Founder, The Center For Personal Excellence, Inc
+ CEO/Chief Provocateur, The 2X+1 Mastermind
+ Creator, CEO 3.0- click here to listen to Jeff being interviewed by Eben Pagan on this topic
+ Creator, The Rich Simplicity Movement
+ Active futures, commodity and options trader and investor in multiple startups
+ Current focus: the articulation and marketing of financial models to maximize asset allocation
+ Author, StressFree Success, Code Of The Trader, The 2X+1 Freedom Manifesto, and his most recent book, The 10-Day Life And Wealth Turnaround – click here to see the Amazon listing

jeffcrop3Jeff Smith has personally coached thousands of CEOs, business owners, Realtors, investment managers, financial and sales professionals, managers, and doctors across the United States, Canada, England, Italy, and Australia.

He has been a featured speaker at Eben Pagan’s Altitude business-building program and Joe Polish’s elite 25K Club private mastermind event.

In his work with investors, asset managers, and entrepreneurial companies, he focuses on these areas:

Maximizing utilization of underdeveloped assets most businesses do not realize they already have

Training and coaching systems which create lasting change and turn average producers into top achievers and allow top achievers to perform at world-class levels.

Applying proper mathematically-based risk management principles to increase risk:reward ratios for portfolio development

Leveraging existing prospect and client lists to create substantial new profit centers in very short periods of time and at very low cost

Creating LIFESTYLES, not just incomes, for the CEOs, entrepreneurs, financial, medical, real estate and sales professionals, chiropractors, mortgage and insurance brokers and attorneys who are his clients.

Pioneering work in the use of conference calls and other technology for distance learning, marketing, coaching, and to generate sales at far lower cost than any other medium available

Quickly generating strategies which produce PROFIT MARGINS far in excess of industry averages – often creating 80-90% profit MARGINS in industries which normally average only 10-20% margins

A frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows nationwide, Smith is also the creator of the Stress-Free Success System,The 2X+1 Mastermind Coaching Experience, as well as the author of Stress-Free Success, Focus On Your Dream, The 10-Day Turnaround, The Code Of The Trader, The 2X+1 Freedom Manifesto, and numerous other books, manuals, and special reports.

Before focusing on asset allocation and growth optimization, Smith originally built his reputation as one of the top direct response marketers and copywriters in North America by helping numerous clients dramatically improve the results from their marketing and now incorporates many of the powerful marketing techniques he pioneered with these clients into his work with successful entrepreneurial companies.

Jeff planned on playing pro baseball until an injury cut his career short.  Today he resides in Las Vegas, NV and enjoys indoor rowing and lifting weights.  He lives a very laid back lifestyle, and he figures very few things in life beat the simple joy of the day’s first cup of strong java brewed fresh, enjoyed while watching the sun rise.

He can be reached directly at assetsmith1@gmail.com