You 4.0: The New Humanity

One of the areas I have become fascinated with is the exploration of what it really means to be human and how our ideas about ourselves and what it means – and takes – to “succeed” have changed and are continuing to change.
I have begun categorizing these ideas into Four Stages Of Humanity… dubbed You 1.0, You 2.0, You 3.0, and You 4.0.

I defined You 1.0 as the earliest forms of humanity, before we developed civilization, culture, technology, or writing, and so they are not on the chart below. The changes in focus through the stages of You 2.0 and You 3.0 (most likely the stage we are currently in), and You 4.0 – the stage I feel makes sense to evolve toward, are in the chart below.If you’re interested in exploring these kinds of ideas as well, I’d love to hear from you about them.-Jeff

You 2.0 You 3.0 You 4.0
Self-Help Basic 2x+1 Wholeness: Beyond 2x
20th Century Man The 2x YouMan The 2x OneMan
Old School New School True School
Conventional UnConventional NonConventional
Happiness Joy Contentment/Peace
Money* True Wealth Infinite Wealth**
Self-help 2x Core Strategies No strategies
Take the red pill Take the blue pill No pill-The Matrix
Traditional medicine Chiropractic Wellness
Create “certainty” Live in probability Joy of uncertainty
Soldier Holy Man Jester
Religion Spirituality “Eudamonic”
Static, “faith” Static, chosen by self Fluid, changing
Seek answers Get answers Question answers
Seek answers Question answers Embrace questions
Dogma Faith Questions/thoughts
Accepting meekness Pursuing Divinity Being Human
Recognition Achievement Gratitude
Questions Answers Paradoxes
Laws Beliefs Idea Structures
Accept beliefs Choose beliefs No fixed beliefs
SMART goals Conscious goals Beyond goals
Growth Evolution (random mutation) Conscious Mutation
Meet expectations Exceed expectation No expectations
Experience Experiment Play
Control rights Earn the right Express the right
Goals Big Rocks Magic Moments
Ignore flaws Hide flaws Consciously Designed Flaws
Dark Side Light Side Dark AND Light Side
Religion Meditation Awareness
Impatient Patient “Grok”
Audition Performer Artist
Unpredictability Predictability Surprise
Perfection Progress Mutation
Serve others Serve self Be Love.
Evil Good Balance
What do I want to do? Who do I want to become? Who am I?
What’s interesting/fun?
SuperMan (no flaws) YouMan (flaws) OneMan=Human
Obeying others Looking it up Making it up
Solve problems Avoid problems “What’s a problem?”
Be great/achievement Peaceful/”meditative” Playful/alive
Follow the rules Break the rules No rules
Use Create Appreciate & Destroy
Newton Einstein No individual genius
Get there fast Get there in your own way Already there
Authority Integrity Natural-ness
Obey Learn Unlearn
More Less Nothing
Money Lifestyle Awareness/Flow
Their truth My truth No single “Truth”
Build Reinvent Eliminate
Avoid Seek Accept/Enjoy
Complex Simple Natural
Unpredictability Predictability Uncertainty/Surprise/Inquiry
Convert Understand Observe/Ignore
Black White Gray
Achievement Happiness Contentment
Fighting Overcoming Acceptance