The Code Of The Trader

One of the things most lacking in today’s world is taking full, honest responsibility for ourselves and for the consequences of our actions. I am continually amazed at the elaborate- and often unconscious- ways people devise to avoid being responsible for the results of their own decisions.

In our 2X+1 Mastermind, we focus on the importance of taking responsibility for ourselves, not looking to others to give us handouts, or rewards we have not earned, and for understanding that if we want something in our lives, it’s up to us to consciously create it.

We call this Living As A Trader.

To summarize what this means in life, we have created The Code Of The Trader and I am sharing it with you below.

It is intended not as a set of rules to live by, but rather a basis for thinking about your own life and whether you are consciously creating, unconsciously accepting, or violently resisting.

Use it as a guide to help you determine your OWN ideas about these kinds of principles and have fun with the process. Now, here it is…

The Code Of The Trader

We are traders.

We have consciously chosen to live our lives as a trader and to follow The Code Of The Trader…a code built upon four simple values:





As a trader, we consciously create value and we trade this value for the rewards that we desire. We do this proudly and without guilt.

We do not ask for, nor do we desire, rewards that we have not earned.

And we choose to deal only with others who live by this same principle.

We trade only with equals, by mutual consent, and for mutual advantage.

Many times we choose to walk alone…

…But when we come together, we join with equals in a non-sacrificial, non-compulsory, co-existence, co-operation, and co-creation which results in greater wealth and progress than any of us would be capable of on our own.

But we do so with the realization that in reality, all Wealth is created by individuals- and the only true and lasting Wealth is that Wealth created through the celebration of individuals acting as individuals, not submitting their individuality to the beast called “society” or “the common good.”

We refuse to accept guilt for our greatness, refuse to diffuse this greatness to “be like all the others”, refuse to be less than we can be so as not to show up others who refuse to be all that they can be.

We accept full responsibility for the consequences of our theories and our actions.

We are willing to bear the penalties for our mistakes, never blaming others for the results of our own life.

We expect rewards for our achievements. And having earned them fully, we are free to enjoy them fully.

We are artists…

…But our real art is not in paintings or sculptures or other material creations

Our true art is in the way we live our life, in the purity, the clarity and the simplicity of our every thought and our every action.

We realize that healthy selfishness is in reality a virtue, not a vice, for it allows us to GIVE the gift of the BEST that is in us, effortlessly and without limit.

And to this end…

We are Integrated Ones – combining thoughts with purposeful action, leading the world forward with body, mind, AND heart…

We are Balanced Ones – celebrating Light and Darkness, comfortable in the realization that we cannot have one without the other.

We are Strong Ones – our  body is a reflection of the state of our life- and as such, it glows with the brilliance of health, physical strength, and vitality.

We are Wise Ones- our intellect is sharp, but we have developed intuition and the wisdom of our heart, so that intellect is no longer the master, but a brother in life to our body and our heart.

And we are Builders. We do not merely see things as they are and ask “Why?”- we dream things as they never were, and ask “Why not?”

Each day, we balance our heart, mind, and body- acknowledging the power of each alone- but reveling in the strength of the three together.

We take the initiative and the responsibility to identify our OWN convictions, integrate our OWN ideas into a coherence and consistency…

….And to then offer to the world a view of existence to which the wise and the honest can believe, not by forcing them to believe as we do, but by serving as an example of what is possible when life is lived in unyielding integrity with an ideal that is consciously chosen.

Because we walk this path with integrity, we are free to enjoy the “Greatest Love Of All”, the love that begins with us and inside of us. We know it is only when we truly love our self that we are free to choose to love others fully; and it is only when we truly love our self that we can earn the right to be truly loved by others.

It is by these principles that we call ourselves Traders… Traders In Life.

And it is by these principles that we choose life, consciously created in our own ideal.