What is “2X+1″?

For years, I have run a private invitation-only mastermind group composed of some of the world’s top entrepreneurs.  We call this The 2X+1 Mastermind.

Many people ask me, “What does 2X+1 mean and what’s it all about?”

On the surface, “2X+1″ means “doubling your NET income while taking at least one extra day off each week.”

But what 2X+1 is really about is creating YOUR Ideal Lifestyle – whatever that may be- and knowing that it WILL be very different from my Ideal Lifestyle- and from every other member of the 2X+1 Mastermind’s.

In other words, in 2X+1 we celebrate DIFFERENCES, rather than try to get everyone to conform to some single definition of “success” or “wealth.”

So when we talk about “2X+1″, what we really mean is LIFESTYLE… and just any lifestyle- but YOUR own Ideal Lifestyle, consciously created for yourself based upon your own beliefs and values. Below, I’ve decided to share some of the ideas around which the 2X+1 System was created to give you an idea of some of the philosophy of this 2X+1 approach to life…

I encourage you to play with these ideas, think about what you agree with or don’t agree with, and how you might apply them in your own life or business… and I enjoy it when people share their own perspectives with me on these and other ideas for living, so please do that as well… Here we go…

The true purpose of your business or career is to fund your Ideal Lifestyle.

Your personal life is primary, and your business is secondary, the exact opposite of how most people treat things.

Ironically, when clients make this change, which we call “The Primary Purpose Switch”, incomes almost invariably rise even though the business is not focused on as much, because when there is a healthy, happy, satisfying personal life to live – and fund- there is a reason why the business- and the income should grow. Neglecting this area – and not having the proper reason why – is like spending 20 years designing a world-class Ferrari with the best engineering in the world and then forgetting to put gas in the tank and wondering why it doesn’t take off at 200 mph when you put the keys in the ignition.

Your personal life and your business life are holographic.

In other words, you cannot separate the two- what happens in one WILL affect the other.

This is another hugely neglected area, especially by workaholics, who think that they can focus exclusively on business and stick their personal life in a separate box or “hide it under the rug.”

This Holographic Principle explains why this never works.

The principle of the hologram is no matter part of it you cut away, what you are left looking at is still the entire picture. This also helps explain why improving health – physical and emotional, building more satisfying personal relationships, and other activities which seem to have nothing to do with business often result in the most significant growth for the business. When the personal life is improved, the areas it is lacking in no longer drag down the business (remember, their effects on each other cannot be separated). This also leads us to our next principle:

Most businesses continually have fires to put out because the people running them WANT those fires to occur.

Years ago, I heard a story about a firefighter in the northern U.S. who was in jail for arson. They asked the guy, “Dude, if you’re a firefighter, why the *&$# did you go and START a fire, I thought you were supposed to be putting them out?” And he replied, “Well, this is a tiny little town and there are never any fires here, so I got really bored and figured if I started the fire, it would give me something to do.”

Crazy – but common.

And most executives and entrepreneurs suffer from the same “Firefighter’s Syndrome”.

It occurs because their needs are not being met in their personal life and so they look to their business to satisfy those needs.

If someone is not receiving the admiration, respect, attention, or love they want in their personal life, then all of those unmet needs will manifest as issues in their business – and the business will have an incentive NOT to run smoothly or grow quickly because by continually having to ride in like the knight in shining armor, the businessperson will get these needs met – unfortunately, at the great expense of dramatically reduced profits, and a business which never is able to be systematized or run on auto-pilot.

The 80/20 Rule does not apply to business.

In business it is The 95/5 Rule.

The 80/20 Rule states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your activities or effort. We have found in working with thousands of successful businesses that that is actually very conservative.

The reality is closer to 95% of your results (and profits) will come from 5% of your activities. These 5% of your super high-productive activities are what we call your Major Outcome Activities, or more commonly, MOAs.

One of our core focuses is to help you identify the specific and unique MOAs for you – not only for your career – but also for creating the personal lifestyle that you want that business or career to fund for you. Knowing your own MOAs is one of the most leverage-able – and liberating- concepts we help people with. Why?

If 5% of your activities generate 95% of your results- and you know PRECISELY what those 5% of your activities really are – then what will happen if you don’t do the other 95% of what you now do?

Exactly: not much.

Well, not much except that you will suddenly free up huge amounts of your time and energy and there will be no downside effect on your profits and growth from not doing all of these 95% activities.

Conversely, focusing on your MOAs- that top 5% of your activities- opens the door to exponential profit growth. 95% of your current income is being earned from 5% of your current activities – so taking 5% of your time and REPLACING whatever you now do with that time with an MOA instead doubles your profits.

Eliminating the 95% activites completely and replacing them all with MOAs leads to 20X your current profitability – while working NO additional hours.

Most of our clients end up somewhere in between those two extremes and choose something like replacing 15% of their non-MOA activities with MOAs and eliminating the rest of their work which quadruples their profits while allowing them to work 80% less.

Applying this process correctly is exactly how they end up simultaneously with 400% profit growth and an extra 4 days off each week, and the reason that The MOA Identification Process is one of the core focuses of The 2X+1 System.

To give you an idea of The 2X+1 System in action, here’s just a few of Smith’s recent “wins” he has helped his clients achieve:

  • The members of his 2X+1 Mastermind have generated an estimated $1.12 billion in sales since becoming part of the Mastermind.
  • He has helped multiple businesses increase profit margins to more than 87% – in other words 87 cents of every dollars they bring in is pure bottom line profit, often in industries which average less than 15% profit margins.
  • He helped one of his coaching clients multiply his income by 1,000% in less than one year- while working FEWER hours than he ever had before. He also helped many clients more than double their incomes while taking an extra 10-15 hours off each week.
  • One simple postcard he wrote for a client generated $38 in sales for every $1 in marketing.
  • The new ad he wrote for an East Coast client increased leads from 323% in one month for ZERO additional dollars of advertising expense.
  • A simple letter he wrote for a Canadian client generates $31.72 in net profit for each $1 of costs
  • Along with a group of partners, he executed a simple strategy that brought in $189,000 in a single day – and they only invested $14,000 in marketing to do it.
  • In one 30-minute phone conversation, he devised a strategy that helped a Georgia chiropractor increase his profit per hour worked by 26% in the first day that he used the strategy.
  • He devised a breakthrough new marketing strategy for an Arizona joint venture partner that brought in more than $109,000 in PROFITS in 90 minutes when Jeff and his partner executed the strategy.
  • Then, a few months later, they repeated the same strategy and generated an additional $203,000 in profits in less than two hours, all while spending less than $4,500 on marketing expenses.
  • To contact Jeff directly, you may email him at stressfree19@gmail.com